"I've had lower back pain for over 10 years, during that period I’ve seen physio’s and an osteopath who only gave me short term pain relief without correcting the problem. Then 9 months ago I decided to try something different. A friend got me in touch with John and Amatsu. John’s sessions have helped reduce the pain and improved my range of movements. There’s such a big difference from 9 months ago. My posture has improved and the pain is reduced and is still improving with each session. John explained from the start my case was’t a short term fix, but over the months I can feel the benefits of what he is doing. He explains what he’s doing as he goes in at a level you can understand, which makes you want to know more about Amatsu. Some of the sessions were painful but you forgive that when you feel the improvement later. I can honestly say that what John is doing for me is improving my quality of life and is still improving with each session. Cheers John"                                                              


Brian Tackas

Barnard Castle

What is a treatment like:

Having an Amatsu treatment is also known as having a balance.  A balance is performed fully clothed and on a massage type table although on occasion some heavier outer clothes or a belt may be asked to be removed.  Shoes do need to be removed as the feet have to be fully assessed.  Loose “comfy” type clothes are usually the easiest to work with (but not essential) not only for the practitioner but also the client as movement is utilised during every treatment.

The first part of the treatment is assessment which involves some gentle soft tissue work along with some movement testing, this is to help ascertain alignment and balance.

From this point certain areas of the body are treat utilising varying levels of pressure and movement depending on the findings from the initial assessment and the client’s general health.

What can I expect to feel like after a balance:

How a person feels after a balance is very individual.  It depends on the symptoms and condition that is presented on the day, how acute or chronic the condition is, the overall health etc.  Some people get up after even the first balance feeling taller, more mobile, energised, better movement in general.  Some get up and feel tired, needing a glass of water. If the balance is performed early in the day then by the evening a few aches may be felt, again this is dependent on the conditions that were treat.  For some people aches may be felt the following day, akin to the feeling one may get the day following exercise but more localised to the tissues that have been involved in the misalignment.

It has to be mentioned again that every balance for every person on each different occasion is done on a basis of what is found on the day, for this reason it is impossible to say exactly how someone will feel afterwards.


How often would I need a balance:

There are many factors that contribute towards how often a balance is required, from how chronic or acute the condition is, to how good general health is.  If a condition is very long term and heavily set in, for example if someone had prolapsed a disc 15yrs ago and has experienced sciatic pain ever since and is showing desiccation within the spine, then weekly sessions may be required until an improved alignment becomes more set in place.  After which the time between balances would lengthen, up to a point where a person may go months between balances and decide by how they feel when they want an appointment.

Alternatively, a person may have just hurt their shoulder in the gym and is seeking a balance within a week or so.  In this situation a person may feel back in alignment within one or two sessions.


"After months of pain and time off work I finally had a CT scan. My doctor said I had Disc degenerative disease (Arthritis) of the lower spine (sacrum).  I was dealing with my chronic pain by living on a cocktail of prescribed pain killers and inflammatory drugs (Nefopam/Naproxen/Nurofen plus/Diazepam/Dihydrocodine/Lansoprazole) I had been told that exercise was my only way of improving my condition, so I needed to get to a position, where I could actual start exercising. I had been through two lots of Physio, which seemed to create more pain than it relieved and was dubiously awaiting yet another appointment to start a physio exercise class. My job as a cashier was also severely aggravating my problem. I was literally getting through a four hour shift with a strong dose of painkillers as I could stand and still function, then going home to bed to dose myself up with even stronger ones and strap my TENS machine on or put on a Lidocaine patch to get some kind of relief. My only other options were injections directly into my spine or back surgery. I wanted neither, but I felt my outlook was at best, glum. I was getting depressed and worn out dealing with the constant pain and living day to day thinking that I would have to give my job up, as it was just too painful. When I met John I felt like I was at the end of my tether, with no hope in sight and a very limited life.

I thought I had nothing to lose when John said he could help me. I was open minded and willing to give anything a go. So the day before my first visit I stopped all my prescription drugs, so I could tell whether it was having any effect. I went for the first treatment and I can safely say I haven't looked back since. Amazingly, I haven't taken anymore drugs at all and I'm feeling human again, not living a life through a haze. I have felt a total positive change in the last eight months.  The most impressive fact is that my pain has decreased from 95 % to 5% for most days and I have been able to start exercising and flexing my spine with an initial movement that John suggested to do. I now do 15-30 minutes of stretching movements first thing in the morning. I'm able to walk or cycle for at least an hour and I'm still improving, which is so fantastic!

John has been a tremendous support and I can not give him enough praise! He is passionate about helping people and cares about what he does. He is such a friendly person and made me feel at ease from day one and has worked hard to get me moving again. I still have arthritis in my spine, but because John has released my muscles from being stuck rigid and causing pain to freely stretching and moving, he has literally given me a new lease of life.  Thank you so much John, you're a remarkable person and a total star!"


Rachel Wilson

Bishop Auckland