About me:


My journey into Back in Step started in 2005 when I prolapsed a disc in my lower back.  The pain I experienced was nigh on indescribeable and it took me over 3 months to get back on my feet and a further 9 months until I felt as though I was back to acceptable mobility.  At the time and for the years to follow I visited Chiropractors and sometimes Physios to help me with my continued sciatica and related issues but nothing seemed to fully remove the pain.  The sciatica was a fairly constant ache and at times I had episodes that were so intense that I thought that I had prolapsed my disc again.

In 2013 I found Chris Bartram and Amatsu.  Chris completely alleviated my sciatic pain within 3 weeks by correcting my alignment, I was amazed.  This allowed me to go back to the gym and my martial arts at a level I had not known since prolapsing my disc in 2005.

Unfortunately in 2014  I sequestered the same disc that I had prolapsed, this time I was temporarily paralysed around my midsection and my feet, my wife found me face down on the floor.  I have to admit to it being a frightening experience.

I visited my doctor once I managed to get moving again and had an MRI which you can see below:


It was L3/L4 disc that first prolapsed and then sequestered, the red arrows point to the sequestered material that compressed my cauda equina nerve.

After discussions with specialists the consensus was that I would need an operation and I would likely lead a compromised life, potentially on pain medication.  I mentioned that Amatsu had helped me before and my plan was this route, I was told quite clearly that this would not work, my back was too badly damaged and I had permanently lost the lordosis (lower back curve) in my back.

As surgery was the very last thing I would consider I decided to go and see Chris, I was still in considerable pain and had to lie down for the car journey and nigh on crawl into Chris's practice.  After the first treatment I was carried out to the car by 3 people.  The second treatment Chris's dad, Dennis Bartram (the developer and founder of Amatsu in the West going back to 1986) was there also, he and Chris both had concerned looks on their faces!

With the help of Chris and on occassion Dennis, I progressively improved but I will never forget the pain I experienced nor the doubts of whether I would ever lead a normal life again.  I eventually got to a point where I started stretching and moving (I have practiced martial arts since I was 7yrs old) and my mobility was coming back.  Even though parts of my feet were still numb, my coordination was unsteady and I was bent over while on my feet, I was absolutely determind that I would get back to normal.  After a few months I was still getting regular treatments and Chris mentioned that his dad was running an Amatsu course to become a practitioner, before Chris even finished the question of would I be interested I said an emphatic YES!  The idea of bringing other people the benefits that I had received from Amatsu was of no question whatsoever, I absolutely had to do it, it was a life changing decision for me.

I am now pain free, I still exercise with movement, my own yoga stretching that I have personalised for my needs and some bodyweight exercises with the occasional light weight training session.  I sometimes can't believe what I can still do after what I have been through, I am so grateful for what Chris and Dennis have done for me with Amatsu.


My aim with Back in Step is to help people who are in pain, who need help.  I know what it is like to be in pain, to worry, to doubt and to feel fear, if I can bring Amatsu to others, bring them healing, then that is a gift.



John Williams

Back in Step